A closeup of hands on the piano.

What to Expect During Your First Piano Lesson

by Phil Barrow November 18, 2016 Getting Started, Music Lessons, Piano

Whether you are signing up for piano lessons for your child or yourself, we often get a lot of questions

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A young girl practices a piece on her acoustic guitar.

What is a Good Age to Start Lessons?

by Phil Barrow November 10, 2016 Getting Started, Helpful Tips, Music Lessons

Music is the universal language that can reach beyond just about any barrier, including age. Learning to create beautiful sounds

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How to Take Care of Your Violin

by Phil Barrow October 14, 2015 Violin

If you’ve decided to take up the violin, congratulations! Learning to play a musical instrument is an incredibly exciting time

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A closeup shot of piano keys and wood.

How to Take Care of Your Piano

by Phil Barrow September 09, 2015 Helpful Tips, Piano

Whether you’re an accomplished pianist or a promising student that has decided to take the plunge and purchase your first

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A Brief History of the Piano

by Phil Barrow June 13, 2015 Piano

Whether you’re a brand new piano student or if you’ve been playing for years, you might wonder how this magnificent

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A photo of a man holding down a drum skin as he replaces drum heads.

Replacing Your Drum Heads

by Phil Barrow June 03, 2015 Drums, Helpful Tips

Drum heads absorb the brunt of all the enthusiasm you put into playing your drums. Check that, cymbals do too

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An image of the human brain.

Music and the Brain

by Phil Barrow March 24, 2015 Music

We all know the emotional power of music- some pieces cheer us up and make us want to start dancing,

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Do Piano Lessons Really Affect Children’s Brain Development?

by Phil Barrow September 08, 2014 Music Lessons, Piano

Study after study shows that piano lessons are really good for children, not just for their musicality and coordination, but

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Music Lessons Help Your Brain for Life

by Phil Barrow February 06, 2014 Music, Music Lessons

The value of music lessons continues to pay off for your whole life – even if you decide to put

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10 Non-Musical Skills that Students Can Take Away From Their Music Lessons

by Phil Barrow December 09, 2013 Music, Music Lessons

The Arts can be a magical thing often preparing students, not just in music, but other areas of life as

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