How to Play Barre Chords

by Phil Barrow July 01, 2011 Guitar, How To

If you wind up feeling aggravated whenever you sit down with your guitar to practice barre chords, you’re not alone.

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Drum Set Basics – Cymbal Technique

by Phil Barrow June 27, 2011 Drums

One truth you are going to have to come around to in a hurry as a fledgling drummer is that

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How to Tune Your Drums

by Phil Barrow June 10, 2011 Drums, How To

One of the things you will come to understand very quickly as a drummer is that the sound of your

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Improvising on Your Instrument

by Phil Barrow May 16, 2011 Music Lessons

It is very fascinating that many musicians (of all levels and experience) are terrified at this idea, while others have

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Easy Songs for the Guitar in the Key of G

by Phil Barrow May 13, 2011 Guitar, Music

When folks sign-up for music lessons with Resound, I like to start with an assessment of their skills, goals, personality,

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How to Memorize a Song

by Phil Barrow May 12, 2011 How To, Practice

How does one memorize a piece of music? Every music student/musician encounters this. Whether it is that Classical Piano Sonata,

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Understanding Chords

by Phil Barrow May 10, 2011 Music Lessons, Music Theory

This is a simple lesson designed to help you understand how chords are built, so that you can get started

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Adding Extensions to Chords

by Phil Barrow April 18, 2011 Music Theory

As I’ve said in previous lessons, learning how to play chords is the basis of playing the guitar. Simple chords

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Six Tips for Beginner Guitarists

by Phil Barrow April 16, 2011 Guitar, Helpful Tips

Whenever you begin to learn a new instrument, it’s really important to get into good habits as early as possible

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How to Read Lead Sheets

by Phil Barrow April 12, 2011 Helpful Tips, How To, Music

Professional musicians often use lead sheets to learn new songs, but many music students aren’t quite sure what they are.

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