Understanding Chords

by Phil Barrow May 10, 2011 Music Lessons, Music Theory

This is a simple lesson designed to help you understand how chords are built, so that you can get started

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Adding Extensions to Chords

by Phil Barrow April 18, 2011 Music Theory

As I’ve said in previous lessons, learning how to play chords is the basis of playing the guitar. Simple chords

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Six Tips for Beginner Guitarists

by Phil Barrow April 16, 2011 Guitar, Helpful Tips

Whenever you begin to learn a new instrument, it’s really important to get into good habits as early as possible

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How to Read Lead Sheets

by Phil Barrow April 12, 2011 Helpful Tips, How To, Music

Professional musicians often use lead sheets to learn new songs, but many music students aren’t quite sure what they are.

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How to Tune Your Guitar

by Phil Barrow March 24, 2011 Guitar, How To

Have you ever picked up your guitar and started to play, only to have everything just sound “wrong” or slightly

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Music is for…

by Phil Barrow March 04, 2011 Music

By Ryan Langford These days, it seems like everybody wants to be a star.  We’re not content to only live

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12 Benefits of Music Education

by Phil Barrow August 11, 2010 Music, Music Lessons

1. Early musical training helps develop brain areas involved in language and reasoning. It is thought that brain development continues for

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How to Read Chord Charts

by Phil Barrow May 10, 2010 Guitar, How To

Chord charts are an excellent tool for musicians of all ages and skill levels.  For beginners, chord charts provide a

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Music: An Essential Ingredient to Life

by Phil Barrow May 09, 2010 Music

By Ryan Langford Over the last 50 years, scientific research has proven what we have always known to be true: 

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