Getting Started

A young boy plays on his electric drum kit.

Choosing the Right Instrument for You

by Phil Barrow April 24, 2017 Getting Started, Helpful Tips, Music

Do you dream of being able to play a musical instrument, but not quite sure of what to choose? Picking

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A young girl takes a violin lesson with her teacher in her home.

Should I Take Music Lessons?

by Phil Barrow December 19, 2016 Getting Started, Lessons

No matter young or old, there usually comes a moment (or many) in life when you gaze up at a

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A closeup of hands on the piano.

What to Expect During Your First Piano Lesson

by Phil Barrow November 18, 2016 Getting Started, Lessons, Piano

Whether you are signing up for piano lessons for your child or yourself, we often get a lot of questions

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A young girl practices a piece on her acoustic guitar.

What is a Good Age to Start Lessons?

by Phil Barrow November 10, 2016 Getting Started, Helpful Tips, Lessons

Music is the universal language that can reach beyond just about any barrier, including age. Learning to create beautiful sounds

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A Beginner’s Guide to Buying a Violin

by Phil Barrow August 26, 2011 Getting Started, Helpful Tips, Violin

Buying your first violin can be a lot of fun, especially if you are a beginner that is eager to

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