Birds on power lines artistically representing musical notation.

How to Read Guitar Tabs

by Phil Barrow December 08, 2016 Guitar, Helpful Tips, How To

So you want to learn the guitar. You search the web for the intro to “Smoke on the Water” and

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Playing Guitar – Developing Strength and Endurance in Your Fingers

by Phil Barrow January 06, 2012 Guitar

The easiest way to think about developing strength and endurance in your fingers for playing the guitar is to think

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Guitar Gadgets Explained

by Phil Barrow December 23, 2011 Guitar

Have you ever noticed how many gadgets are available for guitar players to make things about playing easier? A simple

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Picking Options for the Guitar

by Phil Barrow December 09, 2011 Guitar

Many wise players have said, “Guitar is easy to learn, but hard to master!”  This quote is especially true when

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Exercises for Improving Speed on the Guitar

by Phil Barrow December 02, 2011 Guitar, Helpful Tips, Practice

Developing speed with relaxation will make your playing easy as you build your guitar skills. The most important thing to

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How to Hold Your Guitar Neck Properly

by Phil Barrow October 21, 2011 Guitar, Helpful Tips, How To

Holding your guitar neck properly starts with your hand…but not on your guitar (yet). Let’s find out what really makes

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Warming Up on the Guitar

by Phil Barrow September 30, 2011 Guitar, Helpful Tips

You may have noticed a few times that your hands do a much better job on the guitar toward the

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How to Take Care of Your Guitar

by Phil Barrow September 11, 2011 Guitar, Helpful Tips, How To

Taking care of your guitar is essential if you want to enjoy your experience of playing.  A quality guitar that

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A Beginner’s Guide to Buying a Guitar

by Phil Barrow July 24, 2011 Guitar

Buying a guitar can be an exciting experience, especially if it’s your first musical instrument. There’s a lot more to

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Chord Families: The Key to Learning Guitar Quickly

by Phil Barrow July 08, 2011 Guitar, Helpful Tips, Music Lessons

As a new guitar player, do you feel overwhelmed trying to learn and memorize a bunch of chords that don’t

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