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Online Music Performance - Two young musicians playing piano at home during quarantine

How to Prepare for Your First Online Music Performance

by Phil Barrow June 22, 2020 Helpful Tips, Online Lessons

We will soon be hosting our school's first online music recital, and since this will be our very first attempt

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Getting the Most out of Online Music Lessons

Getting the Most Out of Your Online Music Lessons

by Phil Barrow April 15, 2020 Helpful Tips, Online Lessons

On March 25th, 2020, we moved all music lessons online in response to COVID-19 coronavirus. While it was a certainly

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Young girl guitar practice

Practice Smarter! A Simple Guide to Improving Progress

by Adam Dean July 22, 2019 Helpful Tips

“Perfect practice makes perfect” Does this mean we should be perfect all the time, even in our practice? Certainly not! 

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Two guitars, a saxophone and a violin.

Picking Up a Second Musical Instrument

by Phil Barrow June 26, 2017 Helpful Tips

Picking up a second musical instrument is easier than you think. And there are so many benefits of knowing how

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A male guitar teacher encourages his young female student to practice.

How to Encourage Practice, Even on Sunny Days

by Phil Barrow May 29, 2017 Helpful Tips

Like most skills, learning a new instrument doesn’t just happen overnight. Learning a new skill such as strumming a guitar

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A young boy plays on his electric drum kit.

Choosing the Right Instrument for You

by Phil Barrow April 24, 2017 Helpful Tips

Do you dream of being able to play a musical instrument, but are not quite sure which to choose? Picking

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A pianist performs an upbeat pop song on his electric keyboard.

Make Music Fun by Learning Pop Songs

by Phil Barrow April 10, 2017 Helpful Tips

Pop is one of the world’s most beloved styles of music. With high energy, upbeat vibes and a full range

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A young girl anxiously looks through a curtain.

Getting Over Stage Fright

by Phil Barrow February 20, 2017 Helpful Tips, Motivation

No matter your age, stage fright is something that so many of us experience. Shaky legs, sweaty palms – whether

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Closeup of a bassist playing his bass guitar.

3 Tips to Strengthen Your Hands

by Phil Barrow January 23, 2017 Helpful Tips

There’s nothing quite as painful (both literally and figuratively) as not being able to jam out on an instrument until

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A young asian girl performing on her violin at a music recital.

How to Prepare for Your First Recital

by Phil Barrow January 06, 2017 Helpful Tips, Motivation

An upcoming recital can bring out a lot of emotions in a person, especially if it’s your first recital. You

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