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Birds on power lines artistically representing musical notation.

How to Read Guitar Tabs

by Phil Barrow December 08, 2016 Guitar, Helpful Tips, How To

So you want to learn the guitar. You search the web for the intro to “Smoke on the Water” and

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A young girl practices a piece on her acoustic guitar.

What is a Good Age to Start Lessons?

by Phil Barrow November 10, 2016 Getting Started, Helpful Tips, Music Lessons

Music is the universal language that can reach beyond just about any barrier, including age. Learning to create beautiful sounds

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A closeup shot of piano keys and wood.

How to Take Care of Your Piano

by Phil Barrow September 09, 2015 Helpful Tips, Piano

Whether you’re an accomplished pianist or a promising student that has decided to take the plunge and purchase your first

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A photo of a man holding down a drum skin as he replaces drum heads.

Replacing Your Drum Heads

by Phil Barrow June 03, 2015 Drums, Helpful Tips

Drum heads absorb the brunt of all the enthusiasm you put into playing your drums. Check that, cymbals do too

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Four Ways to Improve your Groove as a Drummer

by Phil Barrow August 05, 2012 Drums, Helpful Tips, Practice

Before we bring you our four tips to improve your groove, we need to take a look at what we

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6 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Music Lessons

by Phil Barrow July 21, 2012 Helpful Tips, Music Lessons

Taking music lessons is fun, and when you think about where music can take you in life, you might feel

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Learning to Play Your Cymbals

by Phil Barrow June 27, 2012 Drums, Helpful Tips

One truth you are going to have to come around to in a hurry as a fledgling drummer is that

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A Beginner’s Guide to Buying Your First Bass Guitar

by Phil Barrow June 20, 2012 Bass Guitar, Helpful Tips

The bass guitar is a fun instrument to play, plus it’s an important one that adds depth and outstanding musical

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How to Choose Your Drumsticks

by Phil Barrow December 16, 2011 Drums, Helpful Tips, How To

Choosing the drumsticks that are right for you comes down to two criteria – comfort and sound. Firstly, you want

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Exercises for Improving Speed on the Guitar

by Phil Barrow December 02, 2011 Guitar, Helpful Tips, Practice

Developing speed with relaxation will make your playing easy as you build your guitar skills. The most important thing to

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