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How to Take Care of Your Drums

by Phil Barrow November 25, 2011 Drums, Helpful Tips, How To

Without a doubt, drum sets are visually catching instruments and it is natural for a drummer to see his or

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How to Hold Your Guitar Neck Properly

by Phil Barrow October 21, 2011 Guitar, Helpful Tips, How To

Holding your guitar neck properly starts with your hand…but not on your guitar (yet). Let’s find out what really makes

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Warming Up on the Guitar

by Phil Barrow September 30, 2011 Guitar, Helpful Tips

You may have noticed a few times that your hands do a much better job on the guitar toward the

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How to Take Care of Your Guitar

by Phil Barrow September 11, 2011 Guitar, Helpful Tips, How To

Taking care of your guitar is essential if you want to enjoy your experience of playing.  A quality guitar that

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A Beginner’s Guide to Buying a Violin

by Phil Barrow August 26, 2011 Getting Started, Helpful Tips, Violin

Buying your first violin can be a lot of fun, especially if you are a beginner that is eager to

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A Beginner’s Guide to Buying Drums

by Phil Barrow August 22, 2011 Drums, Helpful Tips

The first thing that needs to be shared here is that most drummers begin studying and practicing the instrument on

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A Beginners Guide to Buying a Piano

by Phil Barrow August 17, 2011 Helpful Tips, Piano

Not only is a piano a musical instrument, it’s a large piece of furniture and a big investment. Deciding which

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Chord Families: The Key to Learning Guitar Quickly

by Phil Barrow July 08, 2011 Guitar, Helpful Tips, Music Lessons

As a new guitar player, do you feel overwhelmed trying to learn and memorize a bunch of chords that don’t

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Six Tips for Beginner Guitarists

by Phil Barrow April 16, 2011 Guitar, Helpful Tips

Whenever you begin to learn a new instrument, it’s really important to get into good habits as early as possible

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How to Read Lead Sheets

by Phil Barrow April 12, 2011 Helpful Tips, How To, Music

Professional musicians often use lead sheets to learn new songs, but many music students aren’t quite sure what they are.

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