How To

How to Start a Band 101

Being in a band can be some of the most fun you can possibly have if you are a musician. Starting a band and making it work will be much easier if you ask the right questions first and organize …

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How to Hold Your Drumsticks

As someone just starting out on the drums, one of the things you should grasp right away is that your choice of drumsticks and how you hold them are integral factors in your playing. They are truly the conduit between …

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How to Play Barre Chords

If you wind up feeling aggravated whenever you sit down with your guitar to practice barre chords, you’re not alone. Barre chords (which are sometimes also spelled bar chords) can be very frustrating. In fact, most guitar teachers agree that …

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How to Tune Your Drums

One of the things you will come to understand very quickly as a drummer is that the sound of your drums must match the ideal you have for the music in your head. Any discrepancy between the drum sounds you …

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How to Memorize a Song

How does one memorize a piece of music? Every music student/musician encounters this. Whether it is that Classical Piano Sonata, Rock song, or the chord changes to a jazz tune, memory seems to “fail” us at one point or another. …

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