A young woman with curly hair singing in the studio.

How Singing Can Be Therapeutic

by Phil Barrow May 15, 2017 Music

Singing has been known to positively improve your physical and mental well-being. It can be calming and energizing at the

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A piano student writes down some notes for music theory.

The Importance of Music Theory

by Phil Barrow March 06, 2017 Music

Music theory is an essential component for learning the fundamentals of music, and being able to truly excel at playing

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An image of the human brain.

Music and the Brain

by Phil Barrow March 24, 2015 Music

We all know the emotional power of music- some pieces cheer us up and make us want to start dancing,

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Music Lessons Help Your Brain for Life

by Phil Barrow February 06, 2014 Music, Music Lessons

The value of music lessons continues to pay off for your whole life – even if you decide to put

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10 Non-Musical Skills that Students Can Take Away From Their Music Lessons

by Phil Barrow December 09, 2013 Music, Music Lessons

The Arts can be a magical thing often preparing students, not just in music, but other areas of life as

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Food for Thought: Does Music Improve Learning?

by Phil Barrow October 09, 2013 Music

Music Education is fun, engaging, and creative — some of the many reasons why students are attracted to learning an

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Learning Music: An Education In…

by Phil Barrow November 12, 2012 Music

Last week, I posted a question on our Resound School Facebook page, Twitter, and Google+ page (which, if you aren’t following or haven’t “liked”

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Drums – How the Driving Force of Modern Music Evolved

by Phil Barrow July 12, 2012 Drums, Music

Consider the following statement: Although drummers seldom reach the level of fame which vocalists and guitar players do, without drums

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Easy Songs for the Guitar in the Key of G

by Phil Barrow May 13, 2011 Guitar, Music

When folks sign-up for music lessons with Resound, I like to start with an assessment of their skills, goals, personality,

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How to Read Lead Sheets

by Phil Barrow April 12, 2011 Helpful Tips, How To, Music

Professional musicians often use lead sheets to learn new songs, but many music students aren’t quite sure what they are.

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