Young girl guitar practice

Practice Smarter!

by Adam Dean July 22, 2019 Helpful Tips, Practice

“Perfect practice makes perfect” This was once remarked legendary coach Vince Lombardi.  So does this mean we should be perfect

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A male guitar teacher encourages his young female student to practice.

How to Encourage Practice, Even on Sunny Days

by Phil Barrow May 29, 2017 Helpful Tips, Practice

Like most skills, learning a new instrument doesn’t just happen overnight. Learning a new skill such as strumming a guitar

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Perfect Practice Makes Perfect

by Phil Barrow September 07, 2013 Practice

Back to school for many means getting into routine and productivity mode. And for musicians, that means setting a music

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Four Ways to Improve your Groove as a Drummer

by Phil Barrow August 05, 2012 Drums, Helpful Tips, Practice

Before we bring you our four tips to improve your groove, we need to take a look at what we

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Exercises for Improving Speed on the Guitar

by Phil Barrow December 02, 2011 Guitar, Helpful Tips, Practice

Developing speed with relaxation will make your playing easy as you build your guitar skills. The most important thing to

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Warming Up on the Drums

by Phil Barrow November 11, 2011 Drums, Practice

One of the things that you will quickly learn as a drummer is that playing your instrument well is much

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Exercises for Improving Your Speed on the Drums

by Phil Barrow September 23, 2011 Drums, Practice

Any good drum teacher will be quick to dissuade a beginner student who wants to find a way to become

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How to Memorize a Song

by Phil Barrow May 12, 2011 How To, Practice

How does one memorize a piece of music? Every music student/musician encounters this. Whether it is that Classical Piano Sonata,

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