Our Core Values
Core values are a fundamental part of a company’s DNA and how it shapes its culture. At Resound School of Music, we express who we are as an organization through five core values.

The following core values are our guiding principles. They are the standards by which we make decisions and conduct our business every day. They define who we are and how we work together.

Serving Others

By virtue of being a music school, we exist to serve others first and foremost. Good things happen when we serve others wholeheartedly. When we help others to realize their dreams and become the best version of themselves, we make our world a better place.

Serving others means we care. We are generous and give to others without expecting something in return. This can be in the form of our time, our energy, or some other resource. We also practice serving others by actively listening, teaching, inspiring, mentoring, and providing guidance to our students and to each other within the company.


Creating a culture of excellence means that we demand more of ourselves than our clients do of us. It means establishing a standard above that of others and relentlessly striving towards it every day. It is the constant pursuit of the highest quality we can possibly deliver because we truly believe what we’re doing will make a positive impact.

As a company, we practice excellence by clearly communicating and reinforcing roles, responsibilities, and job expectations. We must also develop our people’s unique strengths and provide continuing opportunities for growth. As individuals, we can each practice excellence by committing ourselves to upholding a higher standard in everything we do, even when no one is watching.


Discipline means that we are laser-focused on what we wish to accomplish. We are organized, and direct our energy and resources for maximum effectiveness. Understand that being effective doesn’t mean just being efficient, but being efficient at the right things. Discipline helps us to differentiate the trivial many from the vital few, and gives us the focus to pursue only the those few things that make the biggest positive impact.

We practice discipline by establishing systems, processes, and especially new habits to routinely evaluate and refine our performance. Seeking continuous improvement in all that we do takes practice and perseverance, but always worth the payoff.


Simply put, collaboration is teamwork taken to a higher level. Collaboration means that we work together to accomplish something that perhaps we could not do on our own. We share ideas and information with one another and seek to understand each other’s needs. Rather than follow the demands of one individual, we apply a team-based approach to problem solving and carefully consider the thoughts and ideas put forth by its members.

As a company, we must foster an environment that encourages open and candid dialogue. As individuals we must treat each other with respect, honour, and integrity, even if we vehemently disagree with one another. We can practice collaboration in the way we make decisions, create policies, and work together to solve problems big and small.

Taking Initiative

Taking initiative means developing a bias for action. Rather than expecting others to do something, we don’t wait around to be asked. That’s because taking initiative means going first. It means offering a helping hand when you see it’s needed. It means speaking up when necessary, and not being afraid to ask questions. Speaking up doesn’t mean complaining – which only fosters a negative environment – but rather identify a need and then taking proactive steps to change the outcome for the better.

In practicing taking initiative, we must be driven and hungry for solutions. Sometimes we have to get creative because the best answer isn’t always the easiest or most obvious. This attitude comes from a place of abundance. Rather than seeing what the others can do for us, we see what we can do for the world and to positively impact those around us.