Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a list of our most commonly asked questions at Resound School of Music. Click the questions below to reveal the answer.

Lessons FAQ

Does Resound offer an in-studio option for lessons?

Because we are a mobile music school, we do not offer an in-studio option for students to have their lessons. All music lessons will take place at a location the student has provided, be it their own home, or in some cases their private office or studio.

What styles of music do you teach?

We’ve deliberately hired teachers with a wide range of experience to draw upon so that you can have a teacher that specializes in the style of music you want to learn. With their experience combined, our teachers cover every major genre of music including Classical, Pop, Rock, Folk, Jazz, Blues, Metal, Grunge, and many Latin styles. Part of our student-teacher matching process involves discovering which type of music you are most interested in learning and fitting you with a teacher that is well-versed in that genre.

How do I know that I will get a teacher that is suitable for me?

Unlike anywhere else, we have a proprietary student-teacher matching process that allows us to assign a teacher that is best suited to each student based on their personality type, learning style, musical experience, and inherent musical ability. We provide this service at no cost to you as our way of putting our money where our mouth is.
Nowhere else can you find personalized music lessons that come to you, and provide integrated family and school supports with experienced music teachers – all in one place. We are so confident in our teacher-student matching process that if you are not 100% happy with your first lesson, we will discuss what could have been better and match you with another teacher at no additional cost!

At what age can my child start taking private music lessons?

This number can vary greatly depending on the student, but as a general guideline we recommend starting no earlier than 5 for most instruments, and 6 for some instruments like the guitar. The topic of age that can be discussed further during the free in-home consultation.

How do I know that my child is safe with their teacher?

Because we are not just a referral service, we carefully screen all our candidates before hiring them to teach for Resound School. All our teachers possess a University-level education or equivalent, and have had a criminal record check conducted by the RCMP. We do not hire any teachers who have a known criminal history, so you can rest knowing that the person we are sending to your home has been thoroughly vetted – and that you and your children will be safe.

What if I decide I want a different teacher?

Although it rarely happens, you may be wondering what we do if you decide to try a different teacher. At Resound, it’s important to us that you are happy with the teacher you have been assigned so that you can find the most success in your musical journey.
If at any time you are not completely satisfied with your lessons, we will discuss with you what could have been better and work within your schedule and ours to match you with the right teacher at no extra cost.

Do you teach adults too?

Of course! We offer the same lesson options to adults of all ages, backgrounds, and skill levels. In fact, we’ve found that having lessons at home is the perfect solution for busy adults who are interested in learning to play a musical instrument.

Does Resound host student recitals?

We sure do! Each year, we have 2 student recitals; one winter and one summer concert. Because we’re a mobile music school, we’re always looking for great venues throughout the city to host our yearly recitals. Recitals are always free to attend, and all students are welcome to participate.
For more information about recitals, click here.

Scheduling and Policies FAQ

How long is each lesson?

We offer 3 options to our students for their lesson length: 30, 45, and 60 minutes.

How often are lessons scheduled?

Music lessons are scheduled to occur once each week at the same day and time, with the exception of statutory holidays and Winter Break. This frequency is often enough for most students, and we don’t typically recommend more than one lesson per week. Occasionally, student is particularly motivated and would like 2 or more lessons per week. We’ll assess these on a case-by-case basis, and can make a recommendation that is suitable based on the student’s skill level, motivation, and interests.

Do you offer a bi-weekly option for lessons?

We do not offer a bi-weekly lesson option, as it leaves a hole in the teacher’s schedule every other week that we’re often unable to fill with another student.

Do lessons run all year round?

Yes. Unlike other music schools that operate on a semester-basis, we offer rolling registration throughout the entire year, including during the summer and Spring Break. The only exceptions are statutory holidays and Winter Break.

Is there a contract or minimum number of months for registration?

Unlike many music studios, Resound does not require our students to sign a contract for the entire school year. There is a $35 annual registration fee applied to your first month of lessons. After that, if you decide you wish to discontinue or take a break, all you have to do is provide the office with 30-days notice.

What happens if I miss a scheduled lesson?

Please review our school’s cancellation policy. While we do not offer refunds for cancelled lessons, if you provide 24 hours notice you will be eligible for up to 2 makeup lessons per year.

What if I have a vacation planned?

We hope you have a great time! If you are planning a vacation, we simply ask for 30-days notice in writing to in order to book time off from your scheduled music lessons.

Please email us at [email protected] and we would be happy to make an adjustment to your account, or help arrange makeup lessons with your teacher.

Payment FAQ

How does payment work?

Music lessons are prepaid one month at a time, on the first day of each month.
For example, for lessons scheduled in October, you would be invoiced and charged on October 1st, and this payment would cover all lessons between October 1st – 31st.

If you registered for music lessons partway through a month, you would received a prorated invoice for the first month of lessons.

Why do you bill per month instead of per lesson?

At Resound, we like to think that your experience with us extends beyond just the time spent in the lesson. Consider your monthly tuition to be your membership fee to an exclusive club! As a member you get the royal treatment – a handpicked teacher to drive to your home each week, along with an individually prepared and personalized learning path designed just for you or your child.

How do you calculate your monthly tuition rates?

Monthly tuition is based on the number of lessons scheduled in that month. While most months will have 4 lessons, this number can fluctuate between 3-5 lessons, depending on the month. 

I just started my music lessons, so why did I receive 2 invoices?

This can sometimes occur when lessons begin partway through a month. For example, if you have 1 lesson in September and pay your first invoice on September 28th, you will be invoiced for another month of lessons on October 1st.

This may seem like 2 payments occurring very close to one another, but please be reminded that music lessons are prepaid at the start of each month. In this example, you will have paid for all lessons in October and won’t be invoiced again until November 1st.

Is there a registration fee?

We have an annual registration fee of $35 per student. This helps to cover the cost of student binders, photocopies, and hosting our annual student recitals.

The registration fee is paid once per year, at the beginning of each school year in September. If you have registered for lessons midway through the year, and paid the registration fee between January-August of that year, you will not be charged again until the following September of the next year.

How do I add payment?

To add your payment information, please open your first invoice emailed to you upon registration. Review the invoice carefully and if everything looks good, you can click “Pay Now” to complete the secure online order form. 

We accept Visa, Visa Debit, MasterCard, or American Express. When filling out the online payment form, please make sure to add the three digit CVC number found on the back of the card in order verify payment.

Please note that by completing the order, you authorize Resound School of Music Ltd. to collect and store your payment information for future music lesson services.

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