How to Prepare for Your First Online Music Performance

On June 26th, 2020, we will be having our school’s first ever online summer music recital. Since this will be our very first attempt at hosting an online event, we wanted to write this guide to help parents and students to best prepare for their online performances.

Below is a list of what to expect, and what you will need to do ahead of time if you are participating in our first online music recital.

What To Expect

We will be hosting our recital on the Zoom video conferencing platform. Many students are already familiar with Zoom, as it has been our top choice for conducting online music lessons over the past several months. If you haven’t used Zoom before, you will need to download and install Zoom onto your computer or tablet device. Prior to the recital:

  • Attendees will be sent a link over email to join the recital event.
  • If you arrive early, you will be placed in an online waiting room until the show begins.
  • As an attendee, both your audio and video will be disabled during the performances. However, you will be able (and are encouraged) to participate in the live chat.

If You Are Performing…

  1. Please sign in 15-20 mins early for a brief soundcheck.
  2. Once you join the Zoom call, you will be promoted to a “panelist”, which allows us to access your video and audio when it is time for you to perform. Do not be alarmed if you are logged off the call for a moment while it switches your role to panelist. You will automatically rejoin the call within a few seconds.
  3. Upon signing in, please make sure that your display name on the account is someone we will recognize. We recommend changing it to the name of the student or students who are performing. If we don’t recognize your name as a performer on the schedule, you won’t be promoted to a panelist and therefore not permitted to perform.
  4. Until it is your turn to perform, your audio will be muted during the course of the recital. When it is your turn to perform, your teacher will say a few words to introduce you to our audience. Lastly, make sure to unmute yourself before performing, so that everyone in the audience can hear you!
  5. We strongly recommend that you run a few tests of your online setup with your teacher or a family member before the recital, to make sure that your video and audio settings are working correctly.

Helpful Tips

In order to avoid technical issues, we recommend taking the following steps to prep yourselves for your online recital performance.

  1. Hardwire your internet connection: Connecting to your internet using an ethernet cable can help you avoid any issues with an unstable wifi connection, which can affect your audio quality and the overall experience.
  2. Test the audio settings: This will ensure your speakers and mic are working properly before the live event begins. Here’s how to test your device audio.
  3. Choosing the right environment to perform: setting up somewhere in your home that is photogenic and has minimal background noise will make for a better online performance. Make sure to position the camera so that we can see you!
  4. If you are a parent, you are welcome to set up and join the online recital using multiple devices if you wish. Perhaps you want to have one device ready at the piano for when the students are performing, and a separate device with which to watch the recital. Not a problem! Only one video will be displayed for the performance, so if you wish to join from other devices as well, then those videos will hidden from the audience.

Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff

Lastly, remember to have fun! Recitals are supposed to be an opportunity for students to showcase all their hard work in their music lessons. If any technical issues come up, don’t worry! We’ll do our best to make it work so that every student that participates gets their chance to shine.

I’m looking forward to seeing all the amazing talent we have at Resound School of Music!

Phil Barrow
Resound School of Music

Phil Barrow

Phil Barrow

Phil discovered his passion for music in his early teens when he began learning to play the guitar. He attended the VCC School of Music where he studied jazz and contemporary guitar performance. Phil joined Resound as a guitar teacher in 2013 and has been the school’s Director since 2014.

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