Resound School of Music's Mission

“We exist to help extraordinary people discover a lifelong love of music, one note at a time.”

Every business needs a purpose far greater than simply filling the pockets of it’s owners. We are passionate about the education of our children; about preparing them with the character and skills to not only cope with life, but to succeed at every facet of life. It is through a love of music that we hope to achieve our aim as an organization.

Our Core Values

Core values are a fundamental part of a company’s DNA and how it shapes its culture. At Resound School of Music, we express who we are as an organization through three core values.

The following core values are our guiding principles. They are the standards by which we make decisions and conduct our business every day. They define who we are and how we work together.

Serving Others

Serving others means we care. We are generous and give to others without expecting something in return. This can be in the form of our time, energy, or some other resource. We can practice serving others by actively listening, teaching, inspiring, mentoring, and providing guidance to our students and to each other within the company.


Creating a culture of excellence means that we demand more of ourselves than our clients do. It means establishing a standard that is above that of others and relentlessly striving towards it every day. It is the constant pursuit of the highest quality we can deliver because we truly believe in what we’re doing.


Growth means that we are focused on continuous improvement, both of ourselves and of each other. As one of our Core Values, this means we commit to creating an environment where everyone is encouraged to grow and succeed. Growth is what motivates us and drives us forward in what we do, each and every day.

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