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In-home piano lessons for all ages and skill levels.  Learn with fun and experienced teachers from the comfort of your home.

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At-Home Piano Lessons

We provide high quality in-home piano lessons for all ages and skill levels. We make it easy for you and your loved ones to receive the finest music education without having to leave your front door.

We’re proud to offer lessons throughout the Metro Vancouver area. Below is a list of all the locations we serve. Please click on the city that applies to you:

If your city is on this list, then we’d love the opportunity to serve you! Simply click the link below to request a free in-home consultation.


Why Choose Resound for Piano Lessons?

We teach a variety of different styles, such as classical, jazz, blues, pop, rock, and more. We’ll assess your interests and match you up with a piano teacher who has the expertise to help you excel in the style you most enjoy.

Lessons cover a wide variety of musical topics, such as proper technique, sight-reading, theory, and performance. We also provide instruction to those who are interested in moving up the Royal Conservatory grade levels and preparing for exams.

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Piano Lessons Tailored to You

At Resound, we believe that every student is unique. So before starting your piano lessons, we would love to meet with you for a free consultation. The consultation is an opportunity for us to assess you or your child’s unique goals, interests, personality, and learning style. Then based on this information, we’ll hand-pick the very best piano teacher for you!


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What Our Customers Are Saying

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Resound School of Music Testimonial - Ted Jardine

“Highly recommended. Our daughter’s piano teacher is phenomenal. He’s gentle and patient, yet knowing when to push further. Couldn’t imagine getting lessons from anyone else.”

– Ted Jardine

“It’s a pleasure watching my daughter learn to play piano. The teacher comes to our home each week, is so playful and encouraging, and my child is already learning to play some tunes. I’m so glad I found Resound School of Music!”

– Zahra Esmail

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If you are looking for local piano lessons that come to your home, then contact us today! We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee, so if you’re not fully satisfied with your first lesson, we will work with you to assign you a new teacher at no additional cost. Join the countless others who have discovered the Resound difference.

About Us

Resound School of Music was started in 2009 with a vision of providing the finest music instruction available from the comfort of your home. But don’t be mistaken; we’re not your typical, stuffy music conservatory, nor do we want to be. Instead, we are the music school that was designed with you in mind.