September 2023 Student Spotlight: Niam Sidhu

Back in June, our student Niam Sidhu suffered a wrist injury and sadly was unable to perform at our June 2023 summer music recitals. He had worked so hard on his two songs, and since he didn’t have the chance to perform them live, we thought it might be a great idea to feature him as our September 2023 Student Spotlight!

Niam is almost 9 years old and has been taking both piano and guitar lessons with his teacher Andrew for about 1 year. Niam is full of energy and has tons of enthusiasm for music! He’s a bright student, picking up new techniques with ease. On guitar he’s become quite comfortable with full open chords, which can be quite tricky at his age! On piano, he’s learned some songs that require the use of both of his hands at the same time, which you’ll see in the video below!

One of my favourite aspects of Niam is his determination and work ethic. He practices every week and is constantly improving. He often surprises me and learns extra songs on his own throughout the week by ear or finding the music on his own! He hurt his wrist and was unable to play at this past recital, but started playing again as he was able to! I’m sure he’s thrilled to be able to share his music with everyone.

– Andrew Skepasts

In this video, Niam is playing “He’s a Pirate”, a theme from the Pirates of the Caribbean films on piano, and the intro to “Enter Sandman” by Metallica on guitar. We hope you enjoy!

Interview with Niam:

What made you want to start taking guitar and piano lessons?

My dad introduced me to Guns N’ Roses songs. I really enjoyed the songs and wanted to play rock and roll music. As I learned guitar and listened to ACDC my passion grew for music.

How long have you been taking lessons with Resound School of Music?

I have been taking lessons for about 1 year.

Who are some of your biggest musical influences?

My biggest musical influencer is my dad. My favorite musicians are in the band of ACDC and Guns N’ Roses.

What’s one musical goal that you’d like to accomplish?

I would like to accomplish to be able to get into a band, including the Resound School of Music band.

What do you like most about your teacher Andrew?

The way Andrew teaches us, it makes us learn faster and allows us to learn all the cool songs. Andrew guides me step by step from the songs I select. Learning from Andrew makes learning enjoyable, fun and easy.

Great job Niam! We’re so glad to hear that your wrist has healed and you are back to playing! Keep up the amazing work and we can’t wait to see you perform at our next Resound School of Music recital!

Phil Barrow

Phil Barrow

Phil is a guitarist and Director of Resound School of Music, a music school specializing in at-home music lessons. Phil's passion is helping others to discover their lifelong love of music, and he writes about a variety of topics aimed at helping you to become a better musician.

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