School of Rock

Group Classes

School of Rock

Learn to Play With a Real Live Band

Group Classes For Guitar, Bass,
Drums, Voice, & Piano

You asked for it, and it’s finally here! Resound is now offering its very own School of Rock group class. In addition to your in-home lessons, we’ll be providing students with the opportunity to play with others, learn new songs, and work towards studio recording and live performances. What better way to take you or your child’s musicianship to the next level?

Our unique approach helps students to learn the fundamentals of playing in a band. This performance-based program gives every student who participates the opportunity to work with a team of like-minded musicians, and to perform live in front of an audience as part of an ensemble. Along the way, they will learn to write, record, improvise (and nail the riff from “Purple Haze”). See you on stage!

Learn New Skills

Playing with other musicians helps develop an entirely new set of skills you don’t get when practicing by yourself. Students will improve their rhythm playing, improvisation, and overall performance and stage-presence.

Play With Other Musicians

Ditch the karaoke and backing tracks and experience what it’s like playing alongside a group of other real live musicians! Students will work together and challenge one another to grow and develop their musical craft.

Have Fun!

Maybe most importantly, students will have fun while they are learning. They’ll work on exciting new projects and make new friends along the way. Let’s not forget that playing in a band is just awesome.

Benefits to Students

Learn To Collaborate
Build Confidence
Goal Setting
Motivation to Practice
Learn to Collaborate

Playing in a group will get students working on their teamwork skills. They’re learn to encourage one another and work towards a common goal.

Build Confidence

The class will enable students to develop their confidence both on and off the stage. They’ll grow in their abilities as a performer and be astounded by their progress.

Goal Setting

Students will learn the importance of goal-setting and the steps required to get them where they want to be. They’ll create plans to help bring them closer to their goals.

Motivation to Practice

Band rehearsals will provide students with the excitement and inspiration to take their solo music practice more seriously when the road gets tough.

Don’t just take our word for it

What Our Customers Are Saying

“I am so glad we have music lessons for our children from Resound. It is so convenient to have the teacher come to our home…”

“Resound is phenomenal; I’ve been taking lessons with them for over a year and in that time my skill and love of music has grown astronomically. Their staff is exceptional without fail, and they adapt to my specific needs as a student.”

“Resound has a family feel. The instructors and administration staff genuinely care about helping our kids grow as musicians. Having at-home lessons is excellent and we appreciate the flexibility of the instructors to make up missed lessons.”

“I love having lessons with Resound. I don’t have to pack up my 4 children, and I can just enjoy listening to the music in my home. Our teacher is a lot of fun; very warm, personable, and easy to talk to. Knowing that I can trust someone with my son is really good!”

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