Student Spotlight: Jarom Smith

This month’s featured student is Jarom Smith of Surrey, BC! Jarom is twelve years old has been taking piano lessons with Resound School of Music for three years. Jarom is a very bright, dedicated student who loves to play fast upbeat pieces. He is an attentive student; smart and patient, especially when it comes to learning new challenging pieces.

According to his teacher Bonnie, Jarom’s biggest accomplishment in piano has been his note reading. He worked hard at practicing flashcards and his sight-reading and fluency comes easier with much progress. He has also been working on rhythm and how that ties into the music.

“Jarom always brings such positive energy into our piano classes. We have a bond between teacher and student and I always enjoy our conversations about video games, sports, and things he does over the week. From there, it always seems easy to teach him because he really trusts me as his teacher and he is such a good listener. He’s always willing to try new things.”  – Bonnie

Please enjoy Jarom’s rendition of  the popular song “Heart and Soul”:

Below is a short interview we conducted with Jarom:

  1. Thanks for your Student Spotlight submission! I really enjoyed your performance of “Heart and Soul”. What made you want to start learning to play the piano?
    I have always liked the sound of the piano.  My mom plays and I wanted to play like her.  I know that the piano is also a good place to start when to learning to play music.
  2. Who are some of your favourite artists or musicians?
    I like listening to Sean Mendez and One Direction.
  3. What’s one musical goal that you would like to accomplish?
    To learn how to play songs faster and sight read better.
  4. What is your favourite thing about your music lessons?
    Accomplishing a song I have been practicing.
  5. What do you like most about your teacher?
    Bonnie is very patient and is always positive and smiling.  She finds my strengths and really caters her lessons to what I want to learn and play.

Congratulations to Jarom Smith for being Resound’s Student Spotlight for February 2021! We’re so proud of your incredible progress over these past 3 years. Stay tuned for more featured students in upcoming editions of our Resound Student Spotlight.

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Phil Barrow

Phil Barrow

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