Sept 2022 Student Spotlight: Joseph Denunzio

Happy September everyone! We are kicking off our 2022/2023 school year with another edition of our Resound Student Spotlight. This month’s featured student is Joe Denunzio of Vancouver, BC!

Joe has been taking voice lessons with Resound School of Music since February 2021. He is a dedicated student of the voice that really cares about understanding the instrument and developing his skills. His teacher Natasha describes Joe as a hard-working, smart and dedicated student who is passionate about music and puts the work required into developing his skills.

Recently Natasha and Joe have been working on singing with a healthy and sustainable technique in the break zone area. This is a challenging spot for any singer!

“I am really proud of Joe for working so hard to learn the concepts we have learned in class and for going out and sharing his voice with others through his previous band and now his current project through shows and open mics. I am also really proud of Joe for committing to the rehabilitation techniques we have learned to keep his voice healthy.”

– Natasha Prasad

Interview with Joe:

  1. What made you want to start taking vocal lessons?
    I wanted to start a band and make my own music. I love to sing as I used to play some of the local open mics before covid and wanted to get better at it.

  2. What made you want to start taking vocal lessons?
    I wanted to start a band and make my own music. I love to sing as I used to play some of the local open mics before covid and wanted to get better at it.

  3. Who are some of your biggest musical influences?
    Where do I begin haha, currently my favourite band to listen to would be the Blue Stones. They are from my hometown in Windsor and really have put a new twist on rock. My favourite artist of all time though would be Dallas Green of City & Colour and Alexisonfire. He has such a beautiful and resonating voice. Some other notable vocal inspirations are Nina Simone, Amy Winehouse, Anthony Kiedis, Chris Cornell, and Dio.

  4. What’s one musical goal that you would like to accomplish?
    My current goal is to put out a professionally recorded album. For the past two years I have been working on my songwriting skills and am currently working on completing some demos.

  5. What is your favourite thing about your music lessons?
    Making funny faces and noises definitely. Also I would say that feeling you get when you finally understand the technique and are successful with it. It is very exciting for both you and your coach to see how getting the technique changes your singing.

  6. What do you like most about your teacher?
    Natasha is a phenomenal coach and I think the best thing is that she’s been supportive while at the same time keeping lessons bubbly and fun. It’s a great dynamic and a sign of a good teacher. I’ve had some setbacks in the past that have limited the use of my throat and it’s good to see someone really try to address those issues and consider them each lesson

We’re so proud of Joe and all the amazing progress he’s been making since starting his voice lessons. If you’d like to discover how you can improve your voice with professional singing lessons, then contact us today to request your free consultation.

Phil Barrow

Phil Barrow

Phil discovered his passion for music in his early teens when he began learning to play the guitar. He attended the VCC School of Music where he studied jazz and contemporary guitar performance. Phil joined Resound as a guitar teacher in 2013 and has been the school’s Director since 2014.

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