Should I Take Music Lessons?

No matter young or old, there usually comes a moment (or many) in life when you gaze up at a musician and watch as they passionately lose themselves in their instrument as they create those beautiful sounds and melodies. For that split moment you watch in envy and imagine yourself being able do the same.

Many of us have experienced those moments where you believe that with enough practice, you could do it. But then a moment later you shake your thoughts back to reality and doubt yourself before you even try. Well, that’s certainly one way you’ll never know!

If you or someone you know has been on the fence about whether they should take music lessons, here are a few solid reasons on how and why it can be one of the greatest hobbies you develop.

Stimulates your Brain, Improves Memory

Never mind the fact that you’ll be learning to create amazing sounds and melodies, but engaging in musical lessons stimulates your brains and improves development, especially when it comes to memory. Each time you practice your instrument, the coordination, repetition, and dedication all work together towards strengthening your muscle memory, much like working your muscles out at a gym. Learning music keeps your brain sharp.

Reduces Stress and Makes you Feel Good

There’s no denying how engaging in any form of music, whether it’s playing the guitar, banging the drums, singing, or composing, calms your body and mind and makes you feel great. Music can offer your mind that perfect reprieve from those busy thoughts that bounce around your mind all day long. Studies have shown in many cases how the correlation between music and the brain can improve your mood, emotions, and even reduce chronic stress.

Helps you Learn the Art of Self-Discipline

For many people struggling with the decision of whether they should take music lessons or not, there’s often that little voice of doubt whispering into their ear that they’re too uncoordinated, they’re too older to start, or have no skill to begin with and therefore might look silly when trying to learn. But ask just about any musician and they’ll tell you just how bad they were when starting off. You don’t naturally become a great musician overnight. It takes a great deal of time, practice, dedication, and self-discipline.

So if you or someone you know is one of those people who dream of being able to wail on a guitar or flutter their fingers effortlessly across a piano, realize how most musicians began where you are. The only difference is that they ignored their fear and doubt and instead, decided to go for it.

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Phil Barrow

Phil Barrow

Phil discovered his passion for music in his early teens when he began learning to play the guitar. He attended the VCC School of Music where he studied jazz and contemporary guitar performance. Phil joined Resound as a guitar teacher in 2013 and has been the school’s Director since 2014.

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