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Alex Cheng

GuitarBassDrum, & Piano Teacher

Music is not about playing one song, but playing every song. My focus in music education is to help students achieve their goals by providing them with tools they can use for the rest of their musical journey. I provide my students with methods to approach different songs and to create their own interpretation, and of course build a solid musical foundation. As a bassist and multi-instrumentalist, my understanding of music comes from the “backbone of music”, which includes rhythm, harmony, and melody. I will deliver music to you as a gift, a colourful vision to be explored.

Since performing and working on stage since 2016, acquiring a diploma in “Music Production, Mixing, and Recording Engineering” and working with various artists encompassing different styles, I have gained the ability to adapt to any situation and shine on the stage. To be able to adapt and perform is a significant part of my teaching. Growing up between Hong Kong and Canada, the contribution of culture has shaped my musical direction, and I recognize the importance of cultural aspects when teaching music.

Alex Cheng graduated from Capilano University with a degree in Jazz Studies –  Education

Additional skills: Had acquired teaching experiences in Voice, Piano, Clarinet, and trombone. Also plays basic saxophone, flute and trumpet, speaks English and is fluent in Mandarin & Cantonese.

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