Alex Mishchenko

Alex Mishchenko

Piano Teacher

Music has always been apart of my life and like many others I started playing piano at a very young age. I grew up in a musical family and was raised to appreciate art and culture. My journey to becoming the professional musician I am today was exciting and challenging. I studied piano, music theory and music history with many great educators who gave me a very divers perspective. I received a well rounded musical foundation from the Royal Conservatory of Music system and I also had an opportunity to study music abroad.

As a classical musician I have participated in many festivals and competitions across the lower mainland where I was awarded the highest score. I enjoyed performing the music of Rachmaninoff and Prokofiev at the Russian Music Festival and looked forward to the challenge of competing in the Vancouver Kiwanis Music Festival. I got accepted into the Kwantlen Bachelors of Music and Musical Arts program right out of high-school and I am currently studying pedagogy and composition.

I love teaching! I believe every student has musical potential and it is up to me to show them how to use it. One of my favourite parts of being a Piano Instructor is getting to know my students. It makes the lessons more engaging and allows me to personalize each education plan. My students receive a solid musical foundation, great work habits and an intuitive sense of musicality. I often say that I don’t just teach my students how to play the piano, more importantly, I teach them how to make music.

I am passionate about music theory and composition and I love incorporating that into my lessons. I believe this allows my students to understand the material quicker and it also provides the necessary tools for them to express themselves as young musicians. Those who are interested in composing or improvising soon learn how easy and fun it is.

Today I compose original music and teach at the wonderful Resound School of Music.


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