Anna Zhu

Anna Zhu - Voice Teacher

Anna Zhu

Voice Teacher

Anna is a former K-pop singer and trainee from South Korea. She has trained intensively for 6 years and is currently studying Worship Arts and is the director for the Spartan and Agape dance team at Trinity Western University.

Anna has multiple stage experience, been featured in top K-pop artist music videos, and has produced and released music. She was selected to teach singing and dancing in different parts of Asia. Anna is highly experienced with the Korean entertainment world and with many hip-hop record label companies.

Anna graduated from Dong-ah Institute of Media and Arts, the top music school in South Korea and have worked with professional producers and companies like Sony Music, SM entertainment, YG entertainment, and many more.

Anna is very passionate, dedicated and knowledgeable; whether you want to learn RnB, pop, contemporary music or musical theatre, she has something for you. After closing her own professional singing career, she started to teach people who had stage-fright, people who have damaged their voice, understanding the musicality, and knowing their basic foundations.

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