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Brendan Lane

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I’m a music lover, and I want all my students to grow in a deep love of music, too! As a teacher at Resound, I aim to build students up not only in musical excellence but in a true love for their instrument and for music, and to inspire them to find joy in all parts of their lives as they improve in their musical skill and achieve new musical heights.

Like many other Vancouver-born and raised kids, I grew up on piano lessons at a young age. It wasn’t until late in my high school years that I truly began to love music as I learned to play my favourite Billy Joel songs on the piano, and as I learned to improvise, compose, and play by ear. Now, I’m a passionate and versatile musician with a wealth of musical experience – I’m a classically trained Royal Conservatory student with plenty of festivals and awards under my belt, I’m a worship leader and musician at my home church, and I even had the chance to travel the world for a year as a missionary musician with CTI Music Ministries!

It’s this passion and experience that I aim to bring to my teaching – not only training students in musical ability, but building compassionate relationships with students and their families, and inspiring them to reach greater heights in all areas of life as they figure out how music really resonates with them. I hope for all of my students to play the songs they enjoy, develop a deep love for music, and find great joy in playing their instrument of choice!

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