Cheryl Sales

Cheryl de la Rambelje - Piano Teacher

Cheryl Sales

Piano Teacher

Through my experience with several years learning piano, vocals, theory, music history, conducting and performing, I have developed a strong love for music and am grateful for the special experiences it has brought me. Sharing this passion with others is extremely fulfilling and brings me so much joy!

I have studied in various genres which has provided me with a well-rounded knowledge of styles to help with encouraging others in reaching their goals. These genres include classical, jazz, pop and worship music. During my time as a teacher’s assistant, I learnt that establishing a relationship with the students was key, and that this important factor aids in creating fun and proactive learning.

Music has greatly benefitted many aspects of my life such as increasing confidence, helping understand the practice of self-discipline, and has resulted in many long-lasting relationships with others who share the same interests. My hope is that others can discover that music has the ability to positively impact several areas of life.

I will always remember the teachers that I had growing up; they played such a vital role in the kind of musician and person that I am today. Music has been such a rewarding gift and I am so honoured when I get to be apart of someones unique musical journey, no matter where they’re at!

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