Chris Couto

Chris Couto Drum Teacher

Chris Couto

Drum Teacher
Vancouver, Burnaby

Chris Couto is a respected, dependable, professional session-musician, Producer, Arranger and Educator from Vancouver, BC. His professional career started in 2005, gaining experience touring Canada-wide and internationally. Graduating from Vancouver Community College with a Drum Major, Chris is always working on an assortment of varying projects and genres with known rhythms including Rock, Jazz, Pop, Latin, Funk, Afro-Beats, Reggae & Hip-Hop to name a few and adapting to any level of interests while building on the proper techniques to accomplish these rhythms. 

His approach to drum education emphasizes not only technical proficiency but also a deep understanding and appreciation for rhythm, dynamics, and musicality. Chris strives to create a positive and engaging learning environment that fosters creativity and a genuine love for playing the drums and percussion. Elaborate understanding of timing, how to read sheet music or playing by ear to your favourite songs. He’ll be able to show you step-by-step how to achieve this goal.

Chris hopes to continue making a difference in the community as he strongly believes that music has the power to change lives, enhancing the social, cultural and spiritual lives of people, and serve as a profound medium of personal expression.

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