Daywuy Mejias

Daywuy Mejías

Piano Teacher

Daywuy Mejias, has been teaching piano for more than 20 years. She graduate as a pianist at the early age of 16 at the Royal Conservatory of Music in Venezuela and worked between Venezuela and Spain. She believes that every person deserves the chance to learn music with the aim to enhance and promote their social, cognitive and emotional skills. Therefore, aside from her Bachelor’s Degree in Arts, she has done several specializations in Child Psychology and Neurodiversity. Daywuy has complimented her teachings with other certifications such as the RCM Canada. 

Daywuy is well-versed in the positive impact music can have on a person; she shares her love for piano with her students through her dynamic and professional teaching approach, being aware that everyone has a different learning style. Whether it is preparing for the RCM exams or learning piano for pleasure, Daywuy works in a way that it is tailored for the student, ensuring that every student reaches their true potential. 

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