Greg Jackson

Greg Jackson Drum Teacher

Greg Jackson

Drum, Guitar, Bass Teacher
Surrey and Langley

As exceptional as every musical instrument is, drums are the best (I found this out in 2001 when I bought my first drum kit, and I am still waiting for everyone else to figure it out).

As far as instructional and educational experience goes, I have accumulated well over 200 hours of volunteer experience in elementary school classrooms, assisted in music programs for youth with special needs, and have received instructor training at Simon Fraser University. The main realizations that I have gained from these experiences are that I love working one-on-one, adapting to individual needs and sharing in the glory that comes from the learning process.

Musically-speaking, my knowledge of percussion has come from well over a decade of listening to, playing, recording and performing music both with other musicians and on my own.

The key beliefs that I have developed throughout these experiences are that music is a universal language (in that anyone and everyone can learn to understand and use it); that playing an instrument is a way to grasp, explore and express the emotions, truths and ideas that make up our shared human experience; and that drums are quite simply the best – did I mention that yet?


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