Janelle Claudio

Janelle Claudio

Janelle Claudio

Voice Teacher

As a child, my mother was constantly catching me singing around the house (especially when I thought nobody was looking). Finally, one day she decided to confront me:

“Janelle, I notice you really enjoy singing…have you ever considered joining a choir?”

I had been so stunned that my mother was secretly listening to me that I absent-mindedly agreed to join. From then on, I started feeling less embarrassed about my singing; I sang every chance I got, joined several choirs, and entered competitions. In high school, my choir director suggested I pursue singing as a career, so I decided to take his suggestion and I never looked back.

I was accepted into Vancouver Community College’s Classical Voice Program right after high school where I studied with some of the best musicians in BC. Five years in school gave me many unique opportunities, including being a two-time winner performing as a soloist for the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra’s spring concert, becoming an in-house soloist for the West Vancouver United Church Choir with Gerald Van Wyck, and receiving numerous scholarships, such as the Ian Docherty Scholarship for excellence in classical voice, and two Music Jury Awards. In the spring of 2014, I graduated from VCC with a Bachelor of Applied Music in Classical Voice and a Diploma in Classical Voice.

Today, I work as a singer and a teacher, and I love it! Along with Resound School of Music, I teach the Pacific Spirit Children’s Choir, and I have continued singing with the West Vancouver United Church Choir. My goal as a teacher is to help everyone realize their potential as singers, and to help them become the confident and amazing singers I know they are capable of being! I needed a little help coming out of my shell, and I’m here to pass it forward.


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