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Kaïla Nkufo

Piano Teacher

Kaïla Nkufo started playing piano from the age of 5. She was first introduced to classical music and repertoire as she grew up in the RCM piano curriculum. 

At 10 years old, Kaïla started performing for national renown fundraisers as well as some of the worlds’ most prestigious international facilities. Kaïla continued to perform internationally, and in 2018, she performed “The Revolutionary” by Chopin at Carnegie Hall. 

In her later teenage years, Kaïla started to expand her knowledge into a Jazz musical genre as well as learning through a Yamaha curriculum, which has allowed her to learn from two very different musical curricula. 

Kaïla has experience teaching both beginner and intermediate students from ages as young as 5 years old. She believes that it is important for students to be in charge of their own learning while still having a patient and hardworking instructor to mentor them through their learning process. Kaïla is excited to start mentoring new students, and most importantly, share her passion for piano with them!

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