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Karmen Galvins

Piano Teacher

I currently have a Diploma which I received from Douglas College for Performing Arts – Music. My classes included ear training, performance, ensemble classes, composition, theory, and composition.

I started playing piano when I was 4 and was originally taught by my grandmother until I was age 14, at which point she found a professional teacher for me. My musical education flourished with my teacher of 12 years. She is from Russia, and currently holds a Bachelor’s Degree as well as a Master’s degree in Music. She was able to train me both in playing and listening skills. Furthermore, she mentored me and helped pave my path to my musical career. I have participated in piano competitions, including an international competition in Seattle.

Every student is unique. Each child has limitless potential, and has a skill that is waiting to shine through. I believe that music is love in search of a word. It is very beautiful, and is more than just notes on a page. Being able to express oneself with music is such a treasure and I hope to fill your home with rich, beautiful music.

My lessons always begin with the fundamentals. Scales, and exercises. The fundamentals are a great foundation to any musical journey, and help make the trip much smoother. I always want my students to have fun and enjoy what they are playing, as well as challenging them to expand their horizons. A well rounded musician is very important. Music is so good for your mind and body, and it has such great mental and physical benefits.

“Music expresses that which cannot be said and on which it is impossible to be silent”.

Victor Hugo

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