Rebecca Hsin

Rebecca Hsin Piano Teacher

Rebecca Hsin

Piano Teacher

Rebecca Hsin discovered her love for music at the age of 4 when she first started playing the piano. For over 14 years, she studied at the Royal Conservatory of Music, specializing in classical music with a completion of level 10. As someone who loves watching movies, Rebecca often arranges her favourite pop songs and other genres of music for herself and her students. After all, music is about having fun! So, who says you can’t learn music through Disney?

Rebecca has experience teaching youth and younger levels. Her lessons often incorporate senses other than touch, such as clapping the rhythm and singing the notes, as music is much more profound than pressing a key. She loves getting to know the student and incorporating their interests to teach new and challenging techniques on the instrument. Her patience is one of the many traits students love about her. As a student herself, she knows exactly what you are going through. Rebecca hopes to show others the wonders of music and create the same enthusiasm she has for life-long musical studies.

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