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Rehana Rafi

Piano Teacher

My interest for music started when I was very young, where by the age of three I started playing the keyboard and also performed in preschool events. I continued learning music at ABRSM and IWMS in Sri Lanka. While discovering my love for Piano, I began to play the trumpet where I was a member of the school brass band.

After completing high school I entered the National Institute of Education in Sri Lanka. This is one of the prestigious teaching academies in the country where I followed my Diploma in Music Teaching for three years. Upon completion, I started my career as a primary and secondary school music teacher and was in this role for the past 9 years in Sri Lanka and Maldives. During this period I have educated my students in Theory of Music and Pianoforte and also was in charge of the school Brass Band and Choir. Further during my tenure in Maldives I experienced composing music and digital recording for school events.

I believe in helping students experience the joy of music by giving them a strong technical foundation and introducing them to great and inspirational music by providing positive encouragement. I understand the importance of accommodating each student according to their unique learning styles and goals.

My methodology in teaching music is focused on fundamental aspects while students explore and enhance their skills in performing. I am able to achieve this with my background in classical music, and also with my experience in pop, jazz and contemporary music.

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