Rennan Azevedo

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Rennan Azevedo

Drum Teacher

Rennan Azevedo (2n) is a music tutor, drummer, composer and percussionist from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. He has performed and taught music and its relationship with body/emotions throughout South and North America. His experience includes: schools, ministries, live festivals, television shows, radios, touring, recording with a global label and independent artists. 

Passionate, driven, focused and music oriented. Rennan Azevedo loves to learn, share, connect and maximize people’s potentials. A professional who fits well in different musical tastes and personal learning processes.

Great flow around: Rock, Pop, Latin grooves, African rhythms, Reggae, R&B, Afro-Brazilian drum/percussion rhythms, Heavy Metal (double-pedal techniques included), Punk, Blues, Folk and Acid Jazz. 

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