Rolland Wang

Rolland Wang

Piano Teacher

Born and bred here in Vancouver, I started playing piano at a very young age and have never stopped since. With over 10 years of experience I’ve played everything from classical masterpieces to modern pop songs. I’ve performed in concert halls, malls, senior homes and competed in numerous competitions winning first prizes. I have also gone through the Royal Conservatory of Music curriculum extensively.

Like many young kids who learn piano, I didn’t enjoy it much at first; the long grueling hours of practice day after day were not fun, but after being able to play songs I’ve always wanted to, I fell in love and found my passion. Learning from a teacher who graduated from one of China’s most prestigious music institutes, I found there was a lack of a fun factor in her teaching style. This has made me realize that fun and enjoyment are important factors, especially for new students. Learning proper skills is crucial, but having fun while learning it is also important. I don’t like to treat my students under a strict student-teacher relation, but more so of a friendship. It makes me more easily able to communicate with each individual student and teach according to his/her needs and goals. I believe that with the right guidance, any student is able to achieve their goals, ambitious or not. I have brought a lot of values and mindsets I have developed from piano into my everyday life and I believe it has helped me tremendously; I want to translate that and pass it on to my students as well.

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