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Sarah Chao

Piano Teacher

Sarah Chao was born in Taiwan and moved to Vancouver BC since 2013. She has studied the Suzuki method in music under a renowned Japanese master since the age of 5. Sarah was so passionate about music her entire life, she entered Taiwan’s prestigious music academy from high school. Where, she started to focus on piano and trumpet as her major and minor. She graduated with a bachelor’s degree in music at National Kaohsiung Normal University in Taiwan. For the past 20 years, Sarah has continued to refine her theory, ear training and music history. She has performed and competed at the highest caliber in solo, choir and orchestral settings.

For teaching, Sarah Chao has over 12 years of experience and teaches students of all ages. Sarah has mastered the ORFF method of music during her tenure at NKNU Taiwan. (ORFF method music is using dance movements, using percussions and vocals to teach students. ORFF method music is considered the natural way to help students to connect and interpret music allowing the student to learn at an accelerated pace.)

Sarah Chao’s students include beginners with no previous experience to musicians and career pianists in the making. From piano basics, to RCM examination prep & theory. Sarah’s professionalism & ability to teach students of all levels has allowed her students to learn and navigate the complex world of music.

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