Sharlene Huynh

Sharlene Huynh Piano Teacher

Sharlene Huynh

Piano Teacher

Playing the piano has been a passion for Sharlene Huynh for over 15 years. Her training is specialized in classical music, as she studied under the curriculum of the Royal Conservatory of Music with completion at level 10. Sharlene has participated and placed first in several music competitions, including those under the British Columbia Conservatory of Music and the Vancouver Kiwanis Music Festival. Her love for music also sparked an interest in other instruments. She played the saxophone for three years in concert band and jazz band, and enjoys playing the ukulele in her spare time.

In addition to classical music, Sharlene also likes venturing into other genres of music. When teaching students, she incorporates pieces from genres that they are interested in, often creating her own arrangements for them. Sharlene strongly values a learning environment in which the student is able to have fun while also being challenged with new concepts. Each student learns in different ways, so her teaching style is flexible, but the objective is always to strive for improvement!

Sharlene has experience teaching children, youth, and adults through group and private settings. She hopes to instill the same enthusiasm she has towards music in her own students. Moreover, she believes that an education in music is a healthy way to practice self-discipline and build confidence in one’s ability to accomplish goals.

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