Tayler Tabernero

Tayler Tabernero

Voice, Piano & Ukulele Teacher

Tayler Tabernero fell in love with music as a form of expression and connection at an early age. Singing was a vessel for communication and she experienced firsthand the impact that music can have on building a sense of belonging. This exploration carried into her piano studies and introduced a new way of supporting her voice and the voices of her peers and community.

With over eighteen years of piano experience including over eight years of teaching overall, Tayler has taught a multitude of levels to students of all ages; from beginner to advanced pedagogy, including the Royal Conservatory of Music Curriculum. In her adolescence, she grew up singing in choirs at a provincial level, later obtaining a Diploma in Jazz Studies with voice being her concentration.

When approaching vocal lessons, she highlights the importance of learning how to listen and “come home” to your own voice, developing active listening skills such as interval and tonal recognition and vocal memory recall. She also integrates active body check-ins during lessons to ensure proper vocal care, catering each exercise and warm-up towards the range of each student.

Recognizing that every student is unique with their own motivations for wanting to learn music, she actively adapts her lessons to suit individual learning styles, with the intention of honouring each students connection to music. Whether it be preparing for exams or composing an original song, she strives to nurture the creativity and individual strengths within all her students, aiming to provide lessons that encourage exploration and excitement towards all genres and forms of music. As someone who is always willing to expand her own repertoire and approaches, she enjoys receiving new song requests and is no stranger to exploring unconventional ways of learning.

Tayler is truly grateful for the ways her students continue to enrich her own passion and love of music, and is excited to learn more about your own musical journey

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