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Terry Ng

Piano Teacher

Terry Ng is a passionate and seasoned piano teacher. He has taught many adult students in Richmond Community Centres and children at their homes. He is an ARCT Piano Performer and RCM Associate Elementary Piano Teacher. Terry is fluent in Cantonese and English, and he is able to carry out lessons in both languages. He has gone through the ABRSM curriculum when he was in Hong Kong and finished the RCM diploma program when he immigrated to Canada. Terry specializes in preparing his students for the RCM curriculum and has achieved remarkable results with his students.

Terry plays classical and modern pieces in his leisure time. He likes to transcript pop cultural songs into piano sheets and play them on the piano. Outside of that, he has experience playing flute in the Richmond Delta Youth Orchestra and composing digital music. Terry believes everybody can thrive in music no matter their background and talent. With the right teacher, all students will find success in their own musical journey.

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